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Accommodation: the housing categories available in Andorra (chalets, apartments, houses etc.)


Are you thinking about moving in the Principality and wondering about the housing and accommodation in Andorra ? Specialist in accompanying the expatriates, the Private Concierge Service Set Up presents to you a range of housing that you are likely to be interested in : house (casa), chalet, apartment (piso)... In Andorra la Vella, as well as in the whole country, in both the city and the mountains, you will find the renting that will suit you best!

Accommodation and housing in Andorra, chalets, apartments, houses: the offers available

Chalets, apartments and houses in Andorra: a wide choice

It is one of the very attractive features of the Principality and one of its strong points: there are many housing and accommodation in Andorra.

From the individual house in the city or in the mountains to apartments of different sizes and ranges, including chalets, the expatriate in Andorra often has a wide choice in order to find the ideal accommodation for one or two people, o for the whole family.

The comfort is ensured

The 7 parishes that make up the territory of the Principality provide Andorran housing and accommodations that adapt to all types of needs and budgets. The housing’s reputation in Andorra is clearly establishedhousing and accommodations are often mentioned as example for their excellent quality and comfort that they offer.

We list below the principal categories of possible accommodations in Andorra in order to make your choice easier and to make sure you feel immediately at home as soon as you move in the country!

The “pisos”

The “pisos” refer to the large category of apartments in Andorra. There are many of them of course, classified according to the size of the property (from the studio apartment to the big family apartment with several rooms) and their standing, from the basic model to high quality, even luxury!

Let us point out that the apartments located on the top floor of buildings or apartment blocks are really wanted. Identified as attics, they present a typical charm and they will suit perfectly the people that desire to gain height!

The chalets, housing and accommodations in the mountains in Andorra

The Andorran chalets are individual houses located in mountainous territory. Let us remind you that the Principality constitutes a magnificent territory of mountains with spectacular landscapes and many activities, all year round!

The offer regarding chalets is very important in the country, many constructions present a very interesting surface area (many are very, very big!) as well as an equipment top of the range.

The “casa”, the townhouse

The “casa” presents itself as the townhouse of Andorra. Located in cities such as the capital, Andorra la Vella, or Escaldes-Engordany, it offers a comfort as well as the possibility to enjoy many local serviceseducation, health, leisure, shopping, restaurants, etc.

Let us highlight that the casa adosada is the typical Andorran semi-detached house that the inhabitants of the country really look for.

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The small (and big) details to have in mind while you settle in the Principality

Logements disponibles en Andorre

Housing and accommodation in Andorra: watch out for the cold during the winter...

Because of its high altitude and its mountainous nature, the Principality can experience rather low temperatures during the winter. You should then consider the cost of the heating during the creation of your rental budget, even if the cost of electricity is not very high.

...and for the snow!

If you decide to come live in Andorra in a housing or accommodation isolated from the main road, you should be equipped with a snow removal device, the snowfalls are often abundant! You will quickly end up being a specialist of the snow shovel!

Keep a close eye on those other points

Do not trust the information in property advertisements

Be careful when you read an offer for a housing or accommodation in Andorra: the surface area mentioned in the text often includes the balcony, the cellar and the garage. The living area is then reduced as much... You should also check the orientation of your Andorran house, chalet or apartment in accordance with the light: in winter, the sun quickly disappears behind the mountains and the sunshine is reduced in comparison with summer.

Chalets, apartments and houses in Andorra: what about the notice?

In Andorra, according to the article 13 of the September 28th 1993 law regarding urban building leases, the minimal duration of the rental contract is 5 years. If you terminate early, the duration of the notice is established at 3 months, from 2 years of rental. In case of premature departure, you should count a one-month notice for each year you have not accomplished.

Eventually, the different housing and accommodations are rented repainted and given back repainted.

Here are the different housing and accommodations available in Andorra, as well as the rental and residence conditions. If you have any other question on the topic, do not hesitate to contact Set Upexpatriation specialist in the Principality. We will accompany you in your search for an apartment, a chalet or a house in Andorra la Vella or in any of the 6 other parishes of the country: Ordino, Encamp, Canillo, La Massana, Sant Julia de Loria, Escaldes-Engordany. Thank you for your reading and see you soon for new Andorran news!



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