Expatriation in Andorra

The benefits of living in Andorra for internet professionals

S'expatrier Expatriate

Tucked between Spain and France, Andorra is an independent principality located in the Pyrenees. Its excellent reputation makes it one of the most coveted destinations for entrepreneurs. Andorra is rated the 2nd most attractive country in the world, especially for internet professionals. Would you like to launch a new business outside France ? Discover the advantages of living in Andorra for internet professionals.

Andorra: the ideal destination for internet professionals

L’Andorre la destination idéale pour les professionnels issus du Web

Andorra’s charms are not limited to ski resorts. The natural heritage and rich landscapes that fill an area of 468 km2 are also remarkable. You can also live in total peace and privacy. The geographical location keeps you close to nature while pursuing your personal and professional activities.

Andorra is a small country that combines modernity and simplicity. The Principality already attracts many entrepreneurs by offering interesting benefits.

In this safe country, you will, above all, discover a calm, peaceful lifestyle where you can enjoy outings in the fresh air or the capital, Andorra la Vella.

Andorra is about 2.5 hours from Toulouse airport and Barcelona airport, so you can easily travel to meet clients and/or your partners.

There are many activities to enjoy in Andorra. Do you love art or history? The historical village of Les Bons, the Areny-Plandolit Museum and the Meritxell cathedral are some of the places you must visit. At the weekend, plan family activities or spend time with friends or your partner at Naturlandia amusement park.

Conditions for settling in Andorra

Les conditions pour s’installer à Andorre

If you would like to live and work in Andorra, you must carry out all the administrative and legal formalities required to obtain your residence and work permit. This is called “active residence” in the Principality.

In order to realize a desire to a new start, you must have the certainty of a successful arrival.Virginie Hergel

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Types of residence

Residence for internationally-recognised individuals

This residence permit is designed for foreign individuals who are internationally recognised for their achievements in the fields of science, culture or sport.

The conditions are:

  • You must live in the country for at least 90 days per year.
  • A valid passport or identity card.
  • Certified criminal records dated within 3 months from your country of birth, country of nationality and last country of residence.
  • Marital status certificate.
  • Provide a deposit of €50,000 to the AFA (Andorran Financial Authority) and an additional €10,000 per dependant.
  • Have economic resources of more than 300% of the Andorran annual minimum wage and add an additional 100% for each dependant.
  • Have health insurance, disability insurance and pension.
  • Rental contract or property deed.
  • CV with all documentary proof of the details including your studies and especially any academic, cultural, artistic or sports awards, titles, distinctions and recognitions.
  • Copy of any document proving the income from activities, for the year prior to requesting residence.

Residence with self-employment

The conditions are: 

  • You must set up your own company and reside permanently in Andorra for at least 183 days per year.
  • A valid passport or identity card.
  • Certified criminal records dated within 3 months from your country of birth, country of nationality and last country of residence.
  • Marital status certificate.
  • Provide a deposit of €15,000 to the AFA (Andorran Financial Authority).
  • CV with original and copy of any qualifications or original documents proving your professional qualification.
  • Obtain prior authorisation for foreign investment to incorporate an Andorran company in which your interest is more than 20% and incorporate the said company.
  • Have a position on the Board of Directors of the said company.
  • Prove, within 3 months from the date of applying for residence from the Immigration Office, that the legally incorporated company has a duly registered and active business in the Principality of Andorra.
  • Pass a medical examination.

Set Up Andorra, the key to stress-free relocation

Set Up Andorra, votre atout indispensable pour une expatriation en toute sérénité

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Our agency proposes various bespoke services to fulfil your needs and your plans. We can, if required, take charge of all the administrative formalities for your relocation. We are also here to help you find a property to buy or rent and arrange your move.

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