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Once the decision of expatriation in Andorra is made, the question of housing is the first that arises in order to carry out the project of new life in the Principality. How to buy or rent a house or an apartment and to stay in Andorra in a comfortable way? How to proceed in an effective and rigorous way while all the steps are carried out in the official language of the country, Catalan. Here are some answers to these questions.

Buying and renting a house or apartment in Andorra: take into account the country’s regulations

Opt for the direct purchase of an apartment or house in Andorra

First way to stay in Andorra: think about buying a house or apartment.

With an authorization to reside issued by the competent Ministry, Andorran residents can own property without limit of purchase.

This is also the case of the non-resident people, that may also acquire a housing in Andorra on the condition of obtaining an administrative authorization of purchase. This document makes possible the fact of buying, without limit, an apartment, a house, a chalet, a parking space, commercial premises, lands, etc.

The necessary documents for the purchase of apartments and houses in Andorra

In order to satisfy the formalities of a property in Andorra, must be presented:

  • an authentic copy of the seller’s title deed;
  • the seller’s passport;
  • the passport of the buyer;
  • an authorization of foreign investment in real property freed to the buyer by competent authorities.

For the procedure to follow and further information, do not hesitate to contact Set Up, the private concierge service of the Principality with a great knowledge of the country, its laws and its administrative rules.

Choose the location in the Principality

The rules for renting apartments or houses in the Principality are relatively flexible. In fact, staying in Andorra is quite simple as far as, in a general way, no resident card is required, nor any payroll and other tax notices. Your national identity papers (passport, identity card, etc.) will be enough.

The steps needed to rent a home in Andorra

Even if you do not want to buy a house or apartment in Andorra, opening a bank account in the country is mandatory.

Without opening a bank account, housing in Andorra is impossible, the Andorran law stipulates that the linked account must be credited with the committed amounts, it’S worth knowing:

  • the amount of one month of commission, intended for the real estate agency or the lessor,
  • the amount of two months of pledge (plus the amount of one month for the current month).

In addition, it is necessary to proceed with the housing insurance. In Andorra, regarding water and electricity, the steps are similar to what is done in France and in many countries. From the moment you have a bank account in the Principality, you are in good standing.

Prices for rent

In Andorra, rental prices are very volatile. They depend in particular on the place of residence, the general condition of the building and of course the size of the dwelling.

A T3 (apartment with 2 bedrooms) is rented between 600 and 1 500 € per month; a T4 (apartment with 3 bedrooms), between 800 and 1 700 € per month, sometimes more depending on the standing of the property. Note also that large apartments type T5 are more rare to rent.

It is also necessary to know that to find an apartment in Andorra in the center of the cities (Andorra la Vella, Escaldes-Engordany) is more difficult than in the more remote places of some parishes. The prices can vary from 200 euros for the same type of apartment depending on its location ... The price framework is absent from the Andorran legislation.

Finally, be aware that heating expenses, once the winter comes, can be quite important. Andorra is a country of mountains where low temperatures are common between November and March. As such, oil heating is less expensive than electricity.

Staying in Andorra: taxes and regulations

Whether you have bought an apartment or house in Andorra or you are a tenant, as resident you must pay local taxes and duties, which amount is determined by the town halls of each parish. It is fixed on average at a hundred euros annually per person (except children). The collected money is used by the authorities to finance the lighting, cleaning and maintenance of streets and infrastructure.

Concerning the lease, and according to the law on the leasing of urban real estate of September 28, 1993, the minimum term of the lease is 5 years. In case of cancellation by the tenant before the scheduled date, a notice of 3 months is necessary.

At the signing of the lease, it is also necessary to pay a sum equivalent to 4 months of rent: 2 months deposit, one month commission for the real estate agency, the first month of rent.

In order to realize a desire to a new start, you must have the certainty of a successful arrival.Virginie Hergel

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Good to know before staying in Andorra

Which parish to choose?

Finding a house in Andorra is easy, on the condition of knowing the country well or opting for a quality support!

The 7 parishes are full of many assets and for city lovers, or wide open spaces, you will have a very wide choice.

Be careful though about mobility issues. In winter, not all roads are clear of snow at the same rate, which can cause transportation problems. At peak times, throughout the year, the unique road that crosses the country is also often saturated. The risk of traffic jams is therefore also to be taken into account when traveling.

Garage and parking lot

To stay in Andorra in a suitable way is also to anticipate the parking lot facilities for the car!

Renting a sheltered private garage is usually recommended, especially in winter. Outside, your car will be subject to very cold temperatures and inclement weather, including snowfall. In the morning, you will lose precious time to clear the snow.

Some rentals include a garage or parking lot. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Special case: if you chose to stay in Andorra la Vella, keep in mind that the capital of the Principality offers many garages for which the subscription to the year is very reasonable (about 60 to 90 euros per month for a free or fixed place).

For more information, do not hesitate to contact Set Up, Private Consierge Service in the Principality, we will help you concretely in your expatriation and your search for accommodation in Andorra. Our support will allow you to avoid the constraint related to distance and overcome the language barrier, the administrative procedures being carried out in Catalan.



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