Expatriation in Andorra

Live in carefree Andorra thanks to the services of Private Concierge Service Set Up


Specialized in the expatriation and the installation in the Principality, the Private Concierge Service Set Up proposes you a complete range of services that facilitates you the everyday life. Among these, the management of your house or your apartment in your absence, the mail collection, the on-the-spot presence in case of works, and more still! Our objective? To allow you to live better in Andorra resting on a range of private concierge service perfectly adapted to your needs.

Custom-made Private Concierge Service

Private Concierge Service Set Up has been in Andorra for several years, it provides you with its perfect knowledge of the territory as well as its network enriched of partners in all the domains: real estate, tax system, finance, new business start-up, help to the installation, the management of the everyday life, etc.

Live in Andorra without the stress bound to the daily obligations

For everyday life, its purpose is to satisfy the people who call on it in the best way and in the shortest possible time. Set Up stands by your side and grants all your wishes and dreams, realizes the impossible to satisfy you fully, all on simple request! Living in Andorra is pleasant, certainly, and even more so when one can count on a considerable offer of reliable and efficient private concierge services.

All year round, and every day of the week, Set Up makes every effort to play the role of your personal assistant as regards numerous boring and very time-consuming houseworks. This saves you valuable time that you can spend on your professional obligations, or more simply, your family and your leisure time. Your life in Andorra is not spoiled by some worry or hassle that prevents you from fully realizing yourself.

Examples of private concierge services

Every year, every day, the Private Concierge Service Set Up accompanies you by putting at your disposal staff in charge of facilitating your life in Andorra. In this way, you delegate, with total confidence and transparency, various imperatives that you can not ensure, for example:

  • help with the management of the house (started by the heating, the retreat of the mail, household, loan of the accommodation to friends, availability of keys, etc.),
  • the child care, their support at the school,
  • the purchase of the races,
  • animal care,
  • the maintenance of the garden,
  • the small do-it-yourself,
  • the diverse administrative procedures,
  • the intervention in case of disaster of the accommodation,
  • the appointment setting,
  • the on-the-spot presence in case of absence (for example for the delivery of a parcel or in case of works in the place of residence),
  • the management of the subscriptions of water and electricity,

Set up proposes you the assistance of people whose job is to intervene at the private individuals in order to help them in the management of their administrative and organizational affairs on a daily basis, in a total confidence.

In order to realize a desire to a new start, you must have the certainty of a successful arrival.Virginie Hergel

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Live in Andorra and trust Set Up: why and how?

The concept of private concierge, its field of action more precisely, can be compared to the services offered by the luxury hotels whose managers try to find a solution to all the problems raised by the customers.

Private concierge service for all needs

Backed by a network of numerous professional partners, the Private Concierge Set Up provides many services to people by coordinating an action for the optimal realization of special requests.

You collect a personal assistance for the fulfillment of services varied on a daily basis, according to a regular schedule defined upstream, or then as a matter of urgency. Set Up simplifies your existence and adorns your life in Andorra!

Either at home or outside your house or your apartment, in your presence or not, we assure the set of the services for which we made a commitment by weaving with you a privileged reliable relation.

Choose Set Up

Whatever your motivation and the origin of your needs, you can join Set Up, we will study your wishes with the greatest attention. One of our main objectives is to enable you to live better in Andorra by delivering daily constraints. Make it a pleasure to fulfill yourself first!

By trusting Set Up, you save precious time every day, allowing you to find wide ranges to reconcile family and professional life. Go to the essential, existence is more beautiful!

Ask for the impossible!

Regardless of the field in which you request from us, we offer you a partner able to meet the quality and requirements criteria that you have the right to expect.

In every case, the experience of Set Up will always make the difference. Its know-how, its skills and its creativity make it a major partner of the Andorran life.

Set Up proposes you a support individualized during your expatriation in Andorra. Do not hesitate to contact Set Up, the Private Concierge Service that allows you to live in Andorra in the easiest of manners! We shall study carefully all your demands and we shall try hard to satisfy you as soon as possible.



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