Expatriation in Andorra

To expatriate and settle in Andorra: a tailor-made help to become an Andorran resident

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More and more people are thinking of moving to Andorra today. It must be said that the Principality is full of many assets (living environment, standard of living, attractive tax) and that the authorities of the country lead for some years a concrete opening policy for expatriates wishing to become Andorran residents. Yet it is not always easy to move when you do not know, or very at least very little, a territory. With Set Up, Private Concierge in Andorra, make your life easier and trust an experienced and privileged partner for your Andorra expatriation.

Settle in Andorra and becoming an Andorran resident: Set Up support

Are you planning to move and settle in Andorra to work, start a business or invest your money in financial investments?

Becoming an Andorran resident with Set Up is easy!

If becoming an Andorran resident is entirely possible, on the condition of meeting the country’s requirements for obtaining active or passive residency status, you will probably still need assistance with expatriation, especially for finding a place of residence, the removal of your family and property, as well as the fulfillment of various administrative formalities (in Catalan).

Especially specialized in expatriation in Andorra, Set Up accompanies you by offering many personalized services throughout your installation journey in the Principality. For example, we help you to complete all the steps (in Catalan) to buy a house or an apartment and to obtain tax resident status.

Expatriation in Andorra: the support of a reliable and privileged partner

The competence Set Up seduces every year more and more expatriates in Andorra. It is the fruit of a big experience on the local real estate market and a consolidation of relations favored with all the administration and the institutional players of the Principality.

Beyond your expatriation in Andorra, our day-to-day support

The help service in the installation in Andorra Set Up aims to be particularly effective, the experience of the Conciergerie, its network enriched of partners and its perfect knowledge of the territory allowing him to satisfy all the demands.


Once there, you will also have the opportunity to obtain a significant domestic help in the management of everyday life (household, school, making appointments, etc.).

You too, call on Set Up to become an Andorran resident and opt for irreproachable and individualized quality of service. We will respond as soon as possible.

Whatever your needs, we will always find a solution to satisfy them optimally, as quickly as possible.

In order to realize a desire to a new start, you must have the certainty of a successful arrival.Virginie Hergel

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Personalized assistance for expatriation in Andorra

In order to facilitate your expatriation and your installation in Andorra, the Concierge Service Set Up accompanies you according to your wishes and your imperatives.

Many private concierge services

Concretely, the Andorran Concierge Set Up offers the following services:

  • a tailor-made support service for finding your place of residence, renting or buying, according to your wishes and requirements;
  • a partial or total management of your move, development and moving in Andorra;
  • a custom-made service of support finding your place of residence, in the rent or in the purchase, according to your desires and your requirements;
  • a selection of additional services, once expatriation in Andorra, in many fields of action (daily domestic support, home help, home maintenance, household, gardening, administrative tasks, support for Andorran taxation), wealth management, business creation support, etc.), all in conjunction with the many service providers and partners of Set Up.

Become an Andorran resident: continuous assistance from the beginning of the project to its realization

Set Up facilitates the management of the expatriation and installation process in Andorra:

  • by analyzing your profile and the legal and tax implications for obtaining an active or passive residence in Andorra;
  • by preparing in Catalan the diverse administrative files necessary for the authorization of expatriation;
  • helping you to find a housing that corresponds to your expectations;
  • by organizing your move and moving in.

Help for professional athletes

Set Up also offers a high-end service offering dedicated to the exclusive attention of high-level athletes: assistance with expatriation and installation in Andorra and obtaining tax resident status, support on a daily basis, personal assistance to face the small concerns of every day, multiple practical advice in all the sectors (economy, culture, finance, etc.).
With Set Up, high-level athletes have every opportunity to focus solely on improving their performance, without wasting time with time-consuming and energy-consuming tasks!

To expatriate and settle down in Andorra requires organization and a good knowledge of the laws and the administrative rules of the country. To avoid the harshness of certain constraints and a waste of superfluous time, do not hesitate to call Set Up. We will facilitate your move to the Principality and make sure that you become an Andorran resident as soon as possible.