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Tailor-made support for a better life in Andorra

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Moving to Andorra requires energy, just like moving to any other country. Once on site, the day-to-day management also requires time, you have to think of a lot of things (work, administrative tasks, finalization of the installation, setting benchmarks in a new environment) without at all neglecting your own (or your family´s) well-being. To help you, Andorra offers a range of services that will make your life easier, in the area of personal, family and professional assistance: the Luxury Concierge Set Up.

Applying to a private concierge to live better in Andorra

The benefits of time saving

It’s done, this is all of it! Your expatriation in the Principality went well and you discover life in Andorra. Yet, between moments spent on work, family, leisure and the unexpected of everyday life, you miss the time and you have little respite ... The 24-hour days are even too short and the hassle begins to accumulate, you have more and more the tendency to postpone until tomorrow what should be concretized the same day ...

The use of a Private Concierge Service is a very serious solution to significantly contribute to improving your quality of life by providing valuable time to enjoy every minute spent with yours or for your favorite activities.

Living in Andorra with less stress

Going to live in Andorra by seeking daily support will change your life at all levels and prove to be an excellent solution. Like the services offered by Set Up, Private Concierge Service in Andorra, you can have deal with your own tailor-made personal assistance that suits you best. Relax, we will take care of everything, or almost everything, for you. Living in Andorra is easy and enjoyable, but you still have to know how to manage your priorities!

Here are some examples of services you could use to help you adapt to Andorran life.

Better life in Andorra thanks to the delegation of the management of everyday tasks

  • Accompaniment of children (daycare, school drop off, school support),
  • home care,
  • pet care,
  • making appointments (doctor, dentist, hairdresser, etc.).
  • grocery shopping,
  • washing, ironing,
  • household and maintenance of the habitat,
  • personal courier,
  • administrative procedures,
  • home surveillance in case of absence,
  • relationship management with suppliers and service providers (gardener, decorator, caterer),
  • continuous assistance through an insured presence at your home during deliveries or repairs,
  • purchase of tickets for cultural or sports events,
  • research and registration for cultural and sports activities,
  • maintenance and repair of the car,
  • etc.

Leisure, travel planning

  • ideas for trips,
  • definition of the calendar of family and social activities,
  • programming your trips as a couple, with family or friends,
  • reservation of transport tickets (plane, train), hotel, rental at the destination,
  • etc.

Event planning

  • preparation of parties or meetings celebrating a birth, a wedding,
  • big family reunions,
  • organization of birthday parties,
  • etc.

In order to realize a desire to a new start, you must have the certainty of a successful arrival.Virginie Hergel

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The Private Concierge: for whom, why, how?

Specialized service optimized to help in the day-to-day management of the individual and family tasks of the people who use it, a Private Concierge Service organizes, plans and coordinates a wide range of services in order to facilitate the life of these people and the make it less stressful and more enjoyable.

According to everyone’s needs

All the types of profiles can appeal to a service of apartment house, the usual clientele of this kind of help being hard to classify. Certain people will choose a total support, on a daily basis, for a wide range of services in all the domains of life. Others will opt for tasks limited, unique or repeated in a regular way. Of course, the cost of the services varies according to the particular demands.

The benefits of using the services of a recognized concierge

Enjoying a territory that one discovers without the worries of everyday life is ideal. By requesting the help of an assistant, your main benefit will be the possibility to free up as much time as possible to take care of you and your family, or to carry out your professional projects. Living well in Andorra without bearing the burden of the usual worries is quite possible!

Benefit from the experience of a key player in local life

Choosing the right partner is very important. A Concierge service that perfectly controls your business and justifies a complete knowledge of the territory on which it evolves, its institutions, rules and various standards is necessarily advised. The experience of the company must also weigh in your choice insofar as its network of partners will be extensive.

For each type of service, you will be able to select the preferred contact you need and who will respond to your request in the shortest and most effective way.

If you want to live in Andorra, do not hesitate to trust the personal assistance service offered by Set Up, the leading luxury concierge service in the Principality. Our main objective is to simplify your life and save you money and time through personalized services based on total trust and assured discretion.