Expatriation in Andorra

Top athletes: the assistance for the expatriation in Andorra


Specialist of the expatriation in Andorra, the Private Concierge Service Set Up presents services adapted to the professional sportsmen who wish to come to settle down in Principality. In addition to completing customary formalities and concrete assistance during the move and the arrival in the territory, an offer enriched of services is proposed, on a daily basis, to the sportsmen who are so free to dedicate themselves to their passion and to focus only on their performances, without any other concern in head! Discover the help to the high-level sportsmen designed by Set Up.

Assistance for the high-level sportsmen: the service Set Up

Think about sport, and only about sport!

Because a professional sportsman needs a maximum of time and energy to perform in his practice, the major Concierge Service Set Up based in Andorra la Vella, imagine and develop a program of assistance and support completely dedicated to the champions of any kind.

The assistance of Set Up to the professional sportsmen

This program takes the form of a support of proximity in order to leave them the spirit available at 100% for their sport, freeing them in fact of any psychological constraint. The Set Up service offer for expatriate athletes in Andorra concerns, among others:

  • the possibility of bringing a personal assistant directly into contact with the coach, the manager or the technical team that supervises the athlete. The latter then undergoes no organizational concern as to its installation and its daily evolution;
  • multiple administrative or privacy benefits.

In every case, Set Up acts in total transparency and in any discretion with its customers.

Expatriation in Andorra of the professional sportsmen: advantages at every level

Besides the very high quality of service proposed by Set Up, the expatriation in Andorra of the professional sportsmen allows them to lead at best their career in a country recognized for its fiscal attractiveness.

The direct and indirect tax rates are low in Principality, they represent among lower countries of the European continent. For example, the maximal rate of the income tax (IRPF) is 10 %.

The champions thus acquire the possibility of optimizing the management of their financial income in a simple and secure way. They can moreover on this point ask for the support of Set Up regarding asset management, one of the other specialities of the Private Concierge Service in Andorra: support for high-level sportsmen under all its forms.

The classic services in the expatriation in Andorra proposed by Set Up

Here is a not exhaustive list of standard services presented by Set Up:

  • The support to find a house, a first thing to do when we think of emigrating in Andorra;
  • The fulfillment of the administrative formalities with the immigration authorities (to obtain the status of Andorran fiscal resident) and the CASS (Andorran Social Security) in order to have the best possible social security coverage;
  • The organization of the international move and the implementation of the good routing of the goods;
  • The everyday support for all the day-to-day matters through the many private concierge services presented by Set Up (the house maintenance, the garden, the household, the mail collection, the appointment setting, etc.).

With Set Up, the help to the high-level sportsmen goes hand in hand with a constant logistics, spread advisedly, in a concern of comfort of the individuals.

In order to realize a desire to a new start, you must have the certainty of a successful arrival.Virginie Hergel

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Expatriation in Andorra of the professional sportsmen: simplicity of the steps and the numerous advantages


Help to the high-level sportsmen: obtain a special resident status

If so many high-level sportsmen already chose to take up their residence in the Principality of Andorra is not quite the result of chance. Indeed, to offer infrastructures perfectly adapted to sports, the country offers different modalities of residence for the professional sportsmen. An adaptation of the law, already quite flexible in the matter, is practiced because of their frequent displacements.

The Principality besides created a particular status of fiscal resident towards the people recognized for their excellence in a particular domain, or then enjoying an international aura and a celebrity consecutive to the fulfillment of particular performances (artists, researchers, etc.).

The professional sportsmen enter this category and are authorized to ask for the status of passive residence of category C. The expatriation in Andorra is thus facilitated for them. For more information on the subject, do not hesitate to refer to the tab expatriation of this site.

A great setting, an ideal place to play sports

In addition to enjoying outstanding reception conditions, professional athletes wishing to leave for Andorra will have truly exceptional living conditions and an enchanting setting. The mountainous environment, at altitude, is ideal for preparation for performance.

The quality of the country’s infrastructure (roads, businesses, leisure activities) is up to that of the numerous sports facilities and present training centers on the whole territory. To expatriate and come to train in Andorra, it is to make the choice of an incomparable quality of life.

If you are high-level professional sportsman and that you wish to emigrate and to settle down in Andorra, do not hesitate to contact Set Up. We propose to you a custom-made support at multiple levels of intervention, according to your requirements. We take care of everything! You do not have more than to focus on your performances. Welcome to Andorra, earth(ground) of sport and exploits!