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With a solid experience and a perfect knowledge of the Principality, its laws, its administration as well as the main principles that govern its operation in different sectors (economy, social, real estate, banking, trade), the Private Conciergerie Set up offers a professional accompaniment, discrete and tailor-made. If you are considering the purchase of real estate in Andorra, Set Up facilitates the realization of your project, from the search for real estate to the signing of the purchase agreement, through the bank and administrative procedures.

Buying real estate in Andorra: with Set Up, it is easy and fast!

For people wishing to acquire property in Andorra, Set Up offers a wealth of information and support services to carry out a project serenely.

The difference Set Up

A must-have service provider for expatriates and investors from all walks of life, Set Up adapts to all situations and to the various requests of people who ask for help. The Reference Conciergerie in Andorra manages and coordinates all types of projects and purchases of real estate in Andorra, whatever their size: apartment, house, cottage, land, private property, hotels, residences, buildings, etc.

A privileged partner

Do not hesitate to seek the collaboration of an indispensable player of life and activity in Andorra. Its perfect knowledge of the institutions, rules and actors of the Principality, its network of partners and its expertise allow Set Up to offer tailor-made turnkey solutions to effectively guarantee the achievement of your objectives. In any case, its commitment to you is operated to meet all your needs, concerns and requests.

Make it easy!

Regarding the purchase of real estate in Andorra, Set Up has real expertise for foreign investors wishing to discover the Principality and develop an activity there. It is thus a force for proposals, support and advice on real estate programs and provides them with valuable assistance and concrete logistical support in all administrative and legal procedures.

Buying real estate in Andorra: do you speak Catalan?

For example, when setting up a merchant or property company, Set Up assists you in completing all the formalities necessary for the implementation of the transaction, including the drafting of the legal statutes. This help can be very valuable as all the administrative procedures and purchases of real estate in Andorra are done only in Catalan, the official language of the country.

The Private Concierge Set Up is at your side and advises you in a personalized way throughout your project, before, during and after the purchase of your property in Andorra.

In order to realize a desire to a new start, you must have the certainty of a successful arrival.Virginie Hergel

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Expertise throughout the Andorran territory

The stages of investing and buying real estate in Andorra

For your investment ideas and the purchase of any type of property in Andorra, the Private Concierge Set Up advises and accompanies you in an individualized way according to your project and your expectations, all in relation to a clearly elaborated scheme including:

  • the booking or purchase the property in Andorra: Set Up helps you to complete the administrative procedures inherent, including the preparation of the signing of the sales agreement;
  • making contact with one of the 4 notaries of the Principality, who drafts the deed of sale and gathers the necessary documents before the final signature. This step is essential in your investment project in Andorra.
  • the signature of the contract: it corresponds to the final signature of the deed of sale by both parties, buyer and seller.

Flawless knowledge of laws and regulations

Private Concierge works especially for the accompaniment and installation of expatriates in Andorra. Set Up is expert in the investment and purchase of real estate in Andorra. From the search for an apartment or a house to the realization of your project, his team is at your disposal by offering tailor-made services. With Set Up, the energy-consuming and time consuming puzzle of administrative procedures is no longer a problem.

If you wish, Set Up can also ensure the research of a good according to your expectations as to your constraints, coordinate your move, take care of your water and electricity contracts, as well as the insurance of the property, and finally to recruit staff for you if necessary.

Its network of partners and service providers make it a valuable interlocutor for the success of all real estate transactions.

Set Up also conducts continuous information monitoring in order to understand better the evolution of social and economic contexts affecting the countries of the European Union and their repercussions on interactions with Andorra. Many of whose laws have been modified in recent years in the fields of taxation, economics or education.

New advantages and opportunities are available to investors who want to enter the real estate market in Andorra.

If you are considering the purchase of real estate in Andorra, do not hesitate to contact the Private Concierge Set Up, we will study your specifications and propose an action plan in the shortest possible time.



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