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Thinking of expatriation in the Principality to start a business in Andorra? The Private Concierge Service Set Up offers personalized support for the realization of your project by informing you on the conditions of establishment in the country, the administrative and tax rules to be respected. Linking with its network of partners specializing in tax optimization is also possible, as well as support for your installation.

New business start-up in Andorra: trust the expert Set Up

In particular specialized in the new business start-up in Andorra towards the expatriates or the local residents, Set Up helps you and accompanies you in your steps.

A concrete help is brought to the private individuals willing to dash into the entrepreneurship at various levels, among which:

  • The presentation of the stakes and the opportunities offered by the Principality, - a clear and concise information on the legal processes leading to the registration of a company, - an administrative assistance to satisfy laws and regulations in the work on the territory.

Thanks to its perfect knowledge of the country and to enriched partners’ network (lawyers, jurists, fiscal specialists), Set Up allows you to gather numerous assets to make a success of your new business start-up in Andorra.

The phases of your support in the new business start-up in Andorra

All the project leaders, independently of their sphere of action, are free to contact Set Up to proceed to the creation of their company in Andorra in the best conditions.

Advice during the phase pre-creation

Thanks to the support of partners’ exclusive network, you can reassure your project and benefit from advice to optimize your chances of success, for example as regards:

  • The choice of the legal structure of your organization (SL, LIMITED COMPANY, etc.): we present you the advantages and the inconveniences of each of the solutions with regard to the others, according to the nature and to the importance of the activity, the opening of its capital to thirds, according to your wishes regarding transmission, regarding social security scheme and regarding limitation of responsibility also, etc.;
  • The choice of the social status of the main leader (salaried/not salaried?) and the optimization of its situation on the social level (membership of the CASS, the contributions) and fiscal (methods of payment, management of dividends);
  • The choice of the tax system of the company: directly impacting the personal wealth of the business executive, the choice regarding the share of taxation on income or on companies is very important. It depends on several parameters, including the marginal tax rate of the tax home of the entrepreneur and the legal form of the company created in Andorra;

The intervention of a chartered accountant can also turn out precious with regard to its critical support as for the global vision of the project.

New business start-up in Andorra: assistance during the phase of creation

According to your needs, Set Up presents you a range of services individualized on the administrative plan (writing of the statutes, the report of general assembly, etc.). As well as for the fulfillment of the legal formalities of creation (recording of the statutes, the registration).

During the phase post-creation

Once your company was created in Andorra, you will not be alone. Even there, Set Up continues to advise you on several points, for example as regards:

  • The adoption of an accounting and administrative organization adapted to your activity;
  • The proper use of management tools (dashboards, indicators, etc.);
  • Satisfaction in social obligations (establishment of pay slips, declaration of social charges) and fiscal (declaration of the profits, the VAT-IGI).

In every case, we shall find a solution which will facilitate your life and will allow you to win a precious time.

Concerning the creation of your company in Andorra, Set Up can propose you the creation of individualized service packs including:

  • the connection and collaboration with an accountant and multiple partners specializing in French, Spanish and Andorran laws and administration,
  • a high-performance model integrating logistics, transport, accommodation, research and visiting premises,
  • the use of a personal assistant for the optimization of time (bank formalities, invoices, payments, etc.).

Set Up takes care of everything! Within single day, all administrative formalities can be achieved (extracts of apostilled criminal records, legalization of the passport with the authorities, etc.). We will help you getting your most important documents (balance sheets, income statements (profit and loss accounts), etc.).

In order to realize a desire to a new start, you must have the certainty of a successful arrival.Virginie Hergel

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The keys of the success


The important stage of the support

During the creation of your company in Andorra, the process of getting help is the best way to achieve your goals.

Your project imposes systematically the control of several notions (legal, fiscal, accounting, financial, etc.) specific to the functioning of laws in the Principality of Andorra. This will prevent you from making the slightest mistake, a potential source of hassle and waste of time.

Support for business creation in Andorra reinforces the durability of the projects, which are more solid, more coherent and strung down to the smallest detail.

The help provided by Set Up allows the entrepreneur to manage all aspects of his company in optimal conditions.

The numerous assets of the Principality

To proceed to the creation of a company in Andorra resting on specialists on the subject will allow you finally to take advantage at the most of numerous advantages offered by the Principality, among which:

  • A very low rate of taxation on companies (10 % at the most);
  • Low social and labor costs.


Set Up offers to be your privileged partner when starting your business in Andorra. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will examine your project in the details in order to be able to determine with you the most appropriate services to your approach.



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