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To expatriate and to live in Andorra with Set Up


Private Concierge in Andorra, Set Up offers a wide range of services for expats and people who live in Andorra. In all areas (housing, help with business creation, financial and real estate investment, performing administrative tasks, heritage management, support for high level athletes, small daily concierge services), its experience and its extensive network of partners make the company run by Virginie Hergel, your privileged partner on a daily basis and your life facilitator.

In order to realize a desire to a new start, you must have the certainty of a successful arrival.Virginie Hergel

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To expatriate and live in Andorra with Set Up, an ideal and comfortable choice

Set Up Overview

You have decided to expatriate and settle in Andorra, without knowing how to proceed and who to rely on? Do not panic, Set Up is here! The company of the private concierge service founded by Virginie Hergel offers tailor-made assistance for the fulfillment of all your administrative formalities, national and local, necessary for your installation in the Principality.

Thanks to the establishment of a competent professional network specialized in the field of residence transfer, Set Up helps you to get in touch with leading lawyers, tax specialists, accountants, notaries, etc. You benefit from concrete assistance for the opening of a bank account, the search for your future home, the move, the schooling of your children, various administrative tasks such as exchange of driving license, etc.

With Set Up, make the choice of simplicity and comfort during your expatriation and your installation in Andorra!

The non-exhaustive list of services and amenities offered

Here is an example of the services offered by the Concierge Set Up for the use of people wishing to expatriate and live in Andorra.

Administrative/Family Office

  • Administrative management with the Andorran authorities to establish all types of residence in Andorra: house, apartment, chalet, etc.,
  • Change of residence in the Principality,
  • Organization of the international move, and moving in Andorra,
  • Cancellation of residence and recovery of the security deposit INAF,
  • Accompaniment in the research of various real estates,
  • Search for a school suitable for your children (language, educational system, private/public) and activity centers according to the preferences of children and adolescents,
  • The import of a vehicle in the Principality,
  • Exchange of license plate number, request of personalized license plates.


  • Introduction in banks, opening of a company account and/or a personal account,
  • Introduction to the best tax law firms in the country as well as to the notaries and accountants of the country,
  • Tax refund at customs,
  • Personal assistance for the creation of society,
  • Search for offices,
  • Staff search.

Personal assistance to expatriation and settlement in Andorra

  • Insurance: house, health, car, retirement, etc.,
  • Exchange of driving license,
  • Opening of telephone line/Internet and electricity,
  • Chauffeur service available,
  • Hotel reservation,
  • Search, contacts all providers and acts as an intermediary when required.
  • Research and registration for schools, nurseries, classes and activities.

This list of services can of course be supplemented by any requests from individuals to which we provide a tailor-made response. Do not hesitate to contact us for any question regarding your expatriation and your life in Andorra.

To expatriate and live in Andorra: the difference Set Up

Throughout the process of expatriation in Andorra and your installation in the country, and even after, Set Up offers its customers a personalized and exclusive concierge service for businessmen and women, personalities or the artists, the top athletes and all the individuals who request it.

We play alongside you several roles, including that of personal assistant. We all know the service providers that will best meet your daily needs.

Through our three strong commitments - personalization, confidentiality and responsiveness - you benefit from constant assistance. We know your profile and your habits. We strive to satisfy your requests in absolute discretion, in total adequacy with your expectations and your philosophy of life.

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