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Ideal partner for the creation of society and business in Andorra, the Private Concierge Service Set Up has a great knowledge of the Principality and expertise in many areas: real estate and housing, investment and banking, law and institutions, expatriation, etc. Thanks to its very dense network of partners in its multiple sectors of intervention, it proves for example a precious ally in the realization of your business projects on the Andorran territory. Discover the modalities of its tailor-made and personalized accompaniment of entrepreneurs concerned about the development of its activity in Andorra.

Set Up, your privileged partner for business development in Andorra

Adapt the scheme of your activity to the benefits offered by the Principality

Creating or moving a company or business in Andorra can be an excellent option to grow your business by taking advantage of very favorable conditions, especially from a tax point of view.

The Principality is the country in Europe where tax rates, direct and indirect, are among the lowest on the continent. The advantages are many and Set Up, Private Concierge Service, helps you discover them by offering a personalized support to the creation of your business in Andorra.

Set Up assists you in every step of the creation of your business in Andorra through a range of professional services ranging from tax and legal advice to the installation of your residence in the Principality, through the support and completion of the steps administrative requirements for launching the activity.

Business and company creation in Andorra: concrete help, a step-by-step process

Here is a global and schematic illustration of an example of services proposed by Set Up for assistance with the creation of a company or corporation in Andorra:

  • analysis of the activity of the organization,
  • review of legal solutions which are most relevant to the needs of the entrepreneur,
  • study of alternatives for tax optimization (planning of budget and items of expenditure, including taxes and duties),
  • answer all questions that may intervene during the realization of the project,
  • establishment and implementation,
  • continuous assistance.

Tax expertise for the creation of your company or corporation in Andorra

If you have no experience of the economic and legal workings of the Principality, however, nothing prevents you from thinking about starting your business or your company in Andorra.

Set Up takes care of introducing you to the tax jurisdiction of the country, advises you and helps you to consider how your business is likely to be integrated in the best way.

One thing is certain: the country’s clear and transparent tax system, modern and low tax, has everything to attract entrepreneurs looking for efficiency, development and research excellence.

In order to realize a desire to a new start, you must have the certainty of a successful arrival.Virginie Hergel

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With Set Up, your company meets today’s challenges


The Eldorado of Entrepreneurs

By creating a company or a company in Andorra, you will be able to gain in productivity by the simple fact of making savings on the taxation of your turnover. Why and how? Simply by enjoying unprecedented tax benefits, among the most numerous on the European continent.

In the Principality, the VAT rate (IGI) averages only 4.5%, while the corporate income tax (IS) amounts to a maximum of 10%. Another interesting factor for entrepreneurs: payroll taxes are very low, while preserving the very correct level of wages.

Optimizing the tax burden will necessarily be good for your business in terms of growth and expansion. Yes, but is it complicated to settle in Andorra? Not at all! You will certainly need on the spot legal advice in order to finalize the administrative procedures (in Catalan!), but there are few of them and they are clearly defined. Since 2012, Andorran leaders have enacted laws to encourage foreign investment in their territory. This is the moment to take advantage of it!

Set Up, your privileged partner

Through its experience of institutions and economic affairs, its knowledge of the territory and its network of partners, the Set Up Concierge supports you in the creation of your company or your corporation in Andorra. It also has an exclusive network of partners in the tax planning of your business according to the reality of your business model. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information on the subject!

In Andorra, regardless of their commercial activities, once registered, the companies enjoy the status of Andorran resident companies, the only organizational status present in the Principality. They are required to prepare quarterly and annual reports and to submit to the tax reporting system. Set Up also brings you its regular support to help you deal with all of these issues.

If you are considering the creation of a company or a corporation in Andorra, do not hesitate to contact the Private Concierge Set Up, we will study your position and propose an action plan as soon as possible.



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