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Invest in Real Estate in Andorra: Law, Conditions and Procedures

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Countries offering many economic, financial and tax advantages to investors interested in new opportunities in the real estate market, Andorra also offers an excellent quality of life. In short, many reasons to take a close look at this destination of choice! Discover how to invest in real estate in Andorra, under which conditions, what the law says and what are the steps to take, all administrative documents being in Catalan!

Andorra: an environment conducive to real estate investment on many types of property

Real estate investment in Andorra is facilitated by the low taxation of the Principality, the absence of inheritance tax and a very efficient banking system.

A wide choice of real estate for investors in Andorra

The country is divided into 7 parishes that have many attractions and points of interest: Andorra la Vella, Canillo, Encamp, Escaldes-Engordany, La Massana, Ordino and Sant Julia de Loria. Many investment opportunities are available depending on your budget, for example:

  • apartments,
  • houses,
  • chalets
  • parking spaces
  • commercial premises,
  • land,
  • etc.

Government authorization

In order to carry out your real estate investment project in Andorra, an authorization must be issued by the Government of the Principality. Even if you do not live year-round in the country, it allows you to invest in Andorran real estate without any purchase limit, regardless of the nature and number of properties you wish to acquire. Set Up can guide you in acquiring this authorization, do not hesitate to contact us!

Real estate investment in Andorra is not just about buying houses or apartments. It is also possible to acquire administrative concessions for private use, subject to obtaining an investment authorization provided by the Andorran Government. If this type of investment interests you, contact Set Up for more information!

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The conditions to follow and the steps that must be taken regarding the law of Andorra


The conditions: what does andorran law say?

Today, people who want to invest in real estate in Andorra come from all over the world, and the Andorran government’s policy in this area is very encouraging.

Buying a property in the Principality is therefore entirely possible, provided however that certain requirements are met, among which:

  • have a clean criminal record;
  • justify a minimum financial contribution of € 350,000;
  • must be at least 18 years of age;
  • reside more than 90 days a year in the Principality.

The documents to be provided are the following:

  • extract of a clean criminal record;
  • passport and certificate of civil status;
  • original contracts for the purchase or rental of housing;
  • medical certificate of good health (issued by an Andorran doctor);
  • title deed, bank authorization or any other document justifying your solvency.


Buying an apartment or embarking on real estate investment in Andorra is very easy, especially if you have chosen the accompaniment of Set Up, Private Concierge service operating in the Principality.

Here are listed the main steps that will allow you to acquire real estate in Andorra, in a period of about a month and a half to two months:

  • signing the reservation contract for the real estate or property, between the buyer and the seller. Payment of a deposit that validates the promise to purchase;
  • start of the sales process by one of the 4 Andorran notaries, establishment of the contract and preparation for signing;
  • signing of the sales contract, by both parts, in the presence of the notary. Payment of the balance and taking possession of the property;
  • filing the deed of sale by the notary.

As part of a real estate investment in Andorra, the notary is the only person authorized to deal formally with all your steps. There are 4 in the Principality. Do not hesitate to contact Set Up for a quick connection and in due form.

Acquisition costs

What does Andorran law say about the cost of buying a house or an apartment in Andorra?

The details of the main costs you will have to pay

When you start investing in real estate in Andorra, you should know that notary fees and acquisition are much lower than those in other Western countries.

Andorran law and acquisition costs

The Andorran’s tax regulations are quite flexible and the country is largely open to foreign and non-resident investors. Here are the details of the notary and acquisition fees and the important points to know if you want to invest in real estate in Andorra or elect fiscal domicile and settle in the country:

  • The law in Andorra sets the notary fees at 1% of the sale price of the property;
  • ITP (Impost Tax Patrimoni) is a tax representing 4% of the value of the acquisition. It must be paid to an Andorran notary at the signing of the deed of purchase via a signed bank check at the order of the Andorran Government;
  • The agency fees are the responsibility of the seller. They are around 5% to 10% of the selling price.

Investing in real estate in Andorra, in Pas de la Casa: the possibility of emphyteutic lease

Particularity of the Principality at the level of the real estate investment in Andorra, the city of Pas de la Casa, which adjoins the border with France, proposes the purchase of goods within the framework of the emphyteutic census regime.

What is emphyteusis? It is a form of real estate acquisition which grants to the beneficiary (emphyteutic) the full enjoyment of a property belonging to another (the emphyteutic lessor) in return for the payment of a sum of money (fee) paid at regular intervals.

In order to invest in real estate in Andorra by this means, it is necessary:

  • make an application for transfer of emphyteutic holder and pay a tax equivalent to 5% of the value of the property being acquired;
  • pay the property tax for the current year.

These steps are carried out with an Andorran notary, after the purchase signature of the property, and before the end of the current year.

Do not hesitate to seek the assistance of the Private Concierge Service Set Up in your steps, throughout the purchase process, from the search for a property to the signing of the contract. We will guide you in the advancement of your dossier quickly and efficiently! We specialize in property management and wealth management.



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