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Andorran banks: presentation, functioning and benefits

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The Principality enjoys a particularly well-structured traditional banking system, whose solid foundation, high liquidity and solvency are probably the greatest assets. Here is a panorama of Andorran banks and their main characteristics, elements to take into account before embarking on savings or financial investment in the country.

Panorama of Andorran banks

Major places of commercial transactions or specific investments in the Principality, Andorran banks are renowned for their competitiveness as well as for their very high level of solvency.

Essential for the transfer of capital when creating or setting up a company in the country, they are also major players in the sphere of finance and the multiple challenges it entails.

In Andorra, the seven parishes have agencies and ATMs representing the 5 Andorran banks. In general, they are open to the public from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm, without interruption. Most agencies are closed during the weekend.

The various banking institutions of the Principality

Here are the 5 Andorran banks.


With its location concentrated on the territory of the Principality, the Andorran bank Morabanc is a reference for financial investments, real estate or entrepreneurial and savings in the Principality. It is a partner of choice for many local and foreign investors.

His precious advice and his perfect knowledge of the various Andorran markets will also enable you to keep up to date with the major tax rules at work in the country.

With its network of agencies spread throughout the Andorran territory, it responds quickly and efficiently to the needs of individuals, companies and investors.

Morabanc is also known for its perfect transparency and strict respect for international laws. The concern for ethics guides the action of its leaders. In summary, an Andorran bank of great reliability.


Private Andorran Bank qualified as a family bank, this establishment enjoys a solid reputation in the Principality and even on the continent or the globe. A player in international finance, Andbank excels in all the investment and investment processes and wealth management of its many clients.

Vallbanc (which replaces BPA)

Established in Andorra for over 50 years, Vallbanc (former BPA) has great experience and knowlegde of the Principality and its rules. It is also present in many foreign countries and recognized for the financial investment facilities that it allows on the whole planet. It specializes in various financing solutions and the profitability of financial investments.

Credit Andorra

Institution in the Principality, the Andorran bank, Credit Andorra has been able to establish its international expansion strategy through an effective structuring policy as well as an excellent vision of the international financial system. It is known to support with commitment innovative companies and financial investments of all kinds. Its social role is also to be welcomed, this Andorran bank having been the first in the Principality to join the United Nations Global Compact and to commit to the United Nations Agenda 2030 to promote sustainable development policy on Earth.

Banc Sabadell d’Andorra

Since 2000, the Sabadell Bank of Andorra has helped to expand the range of banking services in Andorra.

It is the smallest Andorran bank, but it offers an impressive amount of services, among which:

  • conventional banking operations,
  • asset and portfolio management,
  • private banking services.

Its expertise can be quite interesting in the case of targeted financial investments.

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The characteristics of banking institutions in the Principality of Andorra

Andorran banks offer their services to individuals, businesses and individuals wishing to invest in the Principality. The country’s financial system is covered by banking secrecy which is enshrined in the constitution.

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What are the types of Andorran banks?

All Andorran banks are either national or local. Their activities include:

  • private banking services,
  • consumer banking services,
  • commercial banking services.

In general, so-called local banks are mainly specialized in wealth management. They have a high level of liquidity ideal for protecting the wealth of their clients.

Andorran national banks, for their part, are accustomed to handling the business of their major customers as well as many large-scale commercial operations. They are known around the world for their expertise and the quality of their logistical support for financial investments, business creation and corporate purchases.

Another highlight of the banks of Andorra: their rigor, the efficiency of their customer service and the quality of their welcome, which allows them to develop close relationships based on mutual trust with investors of all stripes concerned to do to grow their capital.

The euro, the official currency of the country

The official currency of Andorra is the euro. Since 2002, the European currency has been adopted in the country, which greatly facilitates investment and trade.

Since 2014, the Principality has issued Andorran euros with the coat of arms of Andorra, Casa de la Vall or the Church of Santa Coloma.

A solvency cited as an example

Largely above European standards, the solvency of Andorran banks is one of the keys to their success. Their capital / liquidity ratio far exceeds the recommendations and requirements, for example, issued by the European Central Bank (ECB), even if they do not have access to the various financing and services offered by the reference banking institution on the continent.

The expert management of their balance sheet and their efficient and highly secure financing strategy give them excellent stability in the internal market and in relations with other countries.

Andorran banks between modernity and tradition

The banks of Andorra operate in the strictest respect of the tradition of private banking. They constitute the immutable workings of a system renowned for the quality, sophistication and reliability of the monetary and financial council offered to clients and investors.

Andorran banks work at finding solutions that are suitable for short-term, medium-term and long-term investments, depending on the needs of companies or individuals.

Multiple investments (traditional savings, mutual funds, bonds, etc.) and financial products are available in Andorra thanks to a particularly dense banking network.

Becoming resident in the Principality or investing in the financial markets from Andorra requires the opening of a bank account in one of the Andorran banks. Do not hesitate to call on Set Up, Private Concierge Service in Andorra, in order to obtain information on the procedure to follow, and to benefit from a customized accompaniment. Its network of financial experts will also be able to advise you on the best financial investments of the moment.