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Do you want to invest in banking in Andorra without knowing how or where to start? With Set Up, the essential private concierge of the Principality, you will be able to reach your goals efficiently. Thanks to our expertise and our exclusive network of partners, you will be put in contact with the best banks in the country. We also accompany you in order to introduce you to the functioning of the Andorran financial system and guide you in your steps, especially for the opening of a bank account in Andorra and the study of your potential investments.

Set Up assistance, a concrete and tailor-made accompaniment in all discretion

The Andorran banking system is completely transparent and bank secrecy is no longer relevant under agreements with France and other countries, on the steps being taken in the fight against tax havens.

In fact, if you decide to open an account and invest in the bank in Andorra, the French tax office may ask to have access to your statements of account, upon request to the Andorran bank(s) you have chosen.

What does not mean at all that the Principality does not remain attractive for financial investors, quite the opposite!

Whether you are an Andorran resident or not, an individual or acting on behalf of a company, it is entirely possible for you to open an account in Andorra in order to launch investment or banking.

Personalized advice

In order to take advantage of the many benefits, the first thing to do when investing in the bank in Andorra, is to open an account.

With its experience and its perfect knowledge of the various institutional mechanisms of the country, the Private Concierge Set Up offers support and tailor-made assistance in accordance with the laws applied when opening a bank account in Andorra.

Its many relationships in the banking sector of the Principality make it a perfect partner for all your efforts, which are thus facilitated!

Investing in the bank in Andorra: opening an account

Set Up also advises you on legal matters and for the meeting of the documents necessary to open an Andorran bank account, in order to meet all the legal provisions of the Principality.

To open an account before you can invest in the bank in Andorra, the two main documents are:

  • copy of an identity document (passport, identity card);
  • letter of recommendation from your usual bank;
  • document proving proof of domiciliation tax (water bill, electricity, etc.).

In addition, keep in mind that becoming a resident in Andorra also requires the opening of a bank account in the Principality. The country is full of many attractions (sumptuous landscapes, standard of living, cultural and heritage offer, etc.) and it is not uncommon for investors and entrepreneurs to consider moving there after discovering it!

In order to realize a desire to a new start, you must have the certainty of a successful arrival.Virginie Hergel

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The interest of investing and placing your money in a bank in Andorra

Investing in the bank in Andorra by placing your money in the country is possible from France, as any other country. More and more people do not hesitate to take steps to benefit from the attractive conditions of financial investments in the Principality. For several years, Andorran leaders have pursued a policy of openness to foreign investment, in the various sectors of the economy, real estate, business, finance, etc.

Business creation has recently exploded in the Principality, with entrepreneurs taking advantage of the potential for tax savings due to low tax and VAT rates (IGI). The cost of labor and social charges is also much lower than in most countries of the continent.

Why invest in banking in Andorra?

Andorran banks are among the best banks in the world. Offering a wide range of products ranging from savings to targeted or more complex financial investments, they are renowned for their high solvency and high capital requirements.

Beyond investing in the bank in Andorra, holding a bank account in the Principality already gives you the opportunity to have additional services and diversified compared to traditional French and European banks. These include the holding of accounts in several currencies as well as many financial products and tools that can satisfy the most seasoned investors.

A warm welcome is assured

Andorran banks are renowned for the quality of their welcome and their proximity to customers. If the official language of the country is Catalan, the staff of the agencies is polyglot. Set Up will always be at your side when there is doubt or misunderstanding of some documents, most of them written in Catalan!

If you plan to invest in the bank in Andorra and place your money in the country, do not hesitate to contact Set Up, Agency of reference in Principality. We will study your projects with the greatest attention and will be able to advise you according to your aspirations and goals.