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The Guide of the political organizations and government of the Principality of Andorra


Andorra is a parliamentary monarchy with its government and parliament. Its public policy is also based on a set of public interest organizations and institutions in charge of a management of services and common goods that structure the society of the country. Let’s take a closer look at the administration and policy of the Principality of Andorra through its government and its various agencies.

The policy of the Principality of Andorra: general principles

The Constitution in preamble of the policy of Andorra

The Constitution of the Principality of Andorra dated 1993 provides an adaptation of the country’s institutions with regard to its geographical, historical and socio-cultural environment.

It mentions the objective and necessary priority for the proper functioning of the society to organize the relations between the power and its representatives. The policy adopted in Andorra thus intends to develop and maintain a legal, social and economic framework operating over time. The Andorran Government has the main responsibility.

Ensure social cohesion

The regulations established in Andorra (political, social, economic, etc.) are promulgated with respect for and the promotion of values such as freedom, justice, democracy and social progress.

The main idea of the state philosophy of the Principality of Andorra is thus to build and consolidate harmonious relations among the resident population as well as with partner countries.

The organizations serving the Andorran Government

The policy of Andorra is concretely based on a web of public agencies whose objectives are to stick as closely as possible to the political action of those in charge, all in accordance with the principles set up in a model with the constitutive texts of the Sovereign State of the Principality of Andorra.

The Government of Andorra is thus delegating, as it is done in many democratic countries, the organizations responsible for ensuring its representativeness and executing its decisions.

Public and political organizations of the Principality of Andorra: a very well thought out system

For the Andorran people to exercise their sovereignty as of right and in full freedom and independence, the Government of the Principality of Andorra bases its policy and its action on a system of organs and public services which form as many favorable organizational supports the deployment of the actions voted by Parliament: ministries, local administrations, various public agencies, embassies, consulates, electricity companies, national police, public radio and television, tourist offices, medical services and social security, sports federations (skiing, swimming, skating, horse riding, karate, judo, etc.).

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Public organizations of the Government of Andorra

The country as an example for others

Here are listed in an exhaustive way the main state agencies dependent on the Government of the Principality of Andorra. The country’s policy relies strongly on the efficient and effective mechanism that makes the Principality of Andorra regularly as an example for the quality of its institutions, as well as for the excellent functioning of its public services. The social security system managed by CASS is considered the best in the world!

The Andorran Government and the attribution of powers by delegation

The dependent ministries of the Andorran Government are:

Ministry of Economy and Territories (Ministeri d’Economia I Territori)

  • Department of Economics (Department d’Economia),
  • Department of Industry (Department d’Industria),
  • Department of territories (Department d’Ordenament Territorial),
  • Department of Agriculture (Department d’Agricultura);

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministeri d’Aferes Exteriors)

  • Department of Cooperation (Direccio d’Afers Multilaterals I Cooperacio),
  • Department of Bilateral and Consular Affairs (Direccio d’Afers Bilaterals I Consulars);

Ministry of Justice and Internal Affairs (Ministeri de Justica I Interior)

  • Department of Internal Affairs (Departament d’Interior),
  • Department of Citizen Protection and Emergency Situations (Departament de Proteccio Civil I Gestio d’Emergencies),
  • Department of Labor (Department de Treball);

Ministry of Culture (Ministeri de Cultura)

  • Central Department (Unitat d’Administracio Central),
  • Department for the Promotion of Culture and Linguistic Policy (Department de Promocio Cultural I Politica Lingistica),
  • Department of the Protection of Culture (Department de Patrimoni Cultural),
  • Administrative sector (Seccio dels fons administratius);

Ministry of Finance and Public Cooperation (Ministeri de Finances I Funcio Publica)

  • Finance Department,
  • Department of Licenses (Area de Tramits),
  • Department of Statistics (Department d’Estadistica),
  • State Administration of Public Affairs (Secretaria d’Estat de Funcio Publica),
  • Department of Financial Control (Unitat d’Intelligencia Financera),
  • Department of Corruption Resistance (Unitat de Prevencio Lluita contra la Corrupcio);

Ministry of Education and Youth (Ministeri d’Educacio I Joventut)

  • Department of Education (Departament d”Educacio),
  • Department of Cooperation with the Schools of Andorra (Departament d’Escola Andorrana),
  • Department of Education Systems and International Affairs (Departament de Sistemes Educatius I Relacions Internacionals),
  • Department of Professional Units (Departament de Formacio Professional I Serveis Escolars),
  • Department of Education Support (Departament de Suport a l’Ensenyament),
  • Department of Higher Education (Departament d’Ensenyament Superior I Recerca),
  • Department of Youth (Departament de Joventut I Voluntariat);

Ministry of Health and Social Security (Ministeri de Salut I Benestar)

  • Department of Health (Departament de Recursos Sanitaris),
  • Department of Social Security (Departament de Benestar);

Ministry of Tourism and Environment (Ministeri de Turisme I Medi Ambient)

  • Department of Tourism (Departament de Turisme),
  • Department of the Environment (Departament de Medi Ambient),
  • Department of the Protection of Culture (Departament de Patrimoni Natural).

This is all about the main operating systems of public and political life of the Principality of Andorra. Thank you and see you soon in Andorra with Set Up, the Private Concierge specialized in expatriation in the Principality.



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