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The College of the Pyrenees, institution of choice to assure the school course of your children in Andorra


Are you planning to live in Andorra with your children but you do not have any information about education facilities in the country? You should know that the Principality has a network of schools, colleges and high schools located in each of the 7 parishes. Among all these institutions, the International College of the Pyrenees of La Massana is renowned for its infrastructure and the quality of teaching.

Living in Andorra and thinking about the education of your children: a very high-level school system

Versatile and high-quality school system

In the Principality, the networking of the territory by the educational and teaching systems is very well thought out. Going to live in Andorra with your children will not be a problem when it comes time to enrol them in primary, secondary or high schools!

In each of the 7 parishes that make up the territory, the coexistence of the three school systems (Andorran, Spanish, French), at all levels of schooling, is particularly effective. In addition, the Principality can be proud to host many high-ranking private institutions, as it is the case of the International College of the Pyrenees, also known as Agora International School Andorra.

The example of the International College of the Pyrenees

Located in La Massana, it offers an integral education at all levels, from 6 months to 18 years! This Andorran institution is accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Education for the quality of its teaching at all stages of child development: preschool and kindergarten, primary school, secondary education, bachelor degree.

Living in Andorra and enrolling your children in the College of the Pyrenees: the different cycles in details

  • preschool (6 months to 3 years old) and kindergarten (3 years to 6 years): during these two cycles, attention is paid successively to the acquisition of basic psychomotility through programs and activities of awakening and specific educational tools (crawling, language, singing, coloring, writing, mathematics, computer literacy, etc.);
  • primary school (from 6 to 12 years old) teaching aims to help the child to define his personality. It is based on supervision by principal and referent teachers, accompanied by speakers in specific fields (English, French, music, swimming, skiing, philosophy, computer science, etc.). Life in Andorra makes it possible to widen the scope of activities;
  • secondary school (from 12 to 16 years old): the objective of this phase is to consolidate the acquired bases and to obtain the secondary education diploma allowing entry into the baccalaureate curriculum, or in the formative degree cycle way. During these years, the emphasis is on the human formation of the student as well as the teaching of essential values (altruism, respect for nature, etc.);
  • Bachelor degree (from 16 to 18 years old): the objective is to obtain the baccalaureate via a targeted education. At the end of the deadline, students are subjected to examinations or selection tests which give access to all universities located in the European Higher Education Area.

Classes are held Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.

In order to realize a desire to a new start, you must have the certainty of a successful arrival.Virginie Hergel

Telephone or WhatsApp Contact
+376 331 586

The specificities of the International College of the Pyrenees

Live in Andorra, learn 4 languages and play sports!

A practice of innate English, or almost!

One of the great specificities of the College of the Pyrenees is to propose a quadrilingual teaching method: Spanish, English, French, Catalan. The teaching of Chinese is also possible!

From an early age, children are supervised by a team of native and highly qualified teachers who have been living in Andorra for a long time and know the culture of the country.

Immediate immersion in the English language aims to enable them to acquire the reflex of using it as a mother tongue. Throughout schooling, this prerogative is omnipresent and the use of this language is preponderant in the teachings.

Note that in kindergarten and primary school, subjects are taught in Spanish and French. At the secondary level, 25% of the instruction is in Spanish and 25% in French. Afterwards, students choose the language in which they wish to continue their studies.

An important place given to sport

The College is located near the sports center of the Aldosa and its sumptuous facilities. In fact, a great deal of freedom is given to students wishing to adapt their lifestyle in Andorra to a schedule of top athletes. The possible activities are multiple: skiing, golf, tennis, taekwondo, gymnastics, etc.

The College of the Pyrenees is also the champions of tomorrow!

Personalized educational project

Another specificity of the International College of the Pyrenees: the teaching is done in small groups in order to offer each student a tailor-made help that will allow him to progress regularly.

The continuity of daily work is one of the permanent objectives of the teaching team, which also relies on the quality of exchanges and interactions to enrich the cultural background of each other. To live freely and responsibly in Andorra taking into account the diversity and specificities of each, with a common goal of success, is now possible!

Institution contacts

International College of the Pyrenees
Poliesportiu de l’Aldosa
La Massana
Principat d’Andorra
T. (+376) 838 366
F. (+376) 836 324
E-mail: info@cimand.com

Living in Andorra with your children and enrolling them in successful schools is not a problem. From nursery to university, the infrastructure of the education system is excellent. In addition, remember that Set Up, Private Concierge Specialist expatriates in Andorra, advises you in a personalized way (housingbusiness creationdaily services) according to your wishes and your expectations. Do not hesitate to contact us!



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