Expatriation in Andorra

Maria Moliner

Maria Moliner

Let me introduce you to the Maria Moliner Spanish school system, which is made up of two centres, Kindergarten and Primary in Escaldes Engordany and the ESO and Baccalaureate in La Margineda (Andorra La Vella ). In both establishments we welcome students from different nationalities and from all the parishes of the Co-Principality of Andorra.

Our schools and centres are like a big family that works with rigour, putting the safety of our students, the closeness and affection with them and their families first. We educate our students without forgetting the person and the future citizen they will become, working on values and emotional education as the basis of all their development.

The Maria Moliner Spanish school system offers four strategic teaching projects: Language project, Scientific and technological project, Artistic project, Sports project. Of these four projects, we would like to highlight the first one, because it is the one that marks the differential fact of our teaching compared to other educational systems present in the country: the use of Spanish as a vehicular language. This project is reinforced by the teaching of other languages: French from the first year of primary school then Catalan and English from the age of two and a half, with the latter being used as a conversational aid.

For students who are newcomers and do not know Spanish or have many gaps in their knowledge, we offer Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE) courses to facilitate the teaching of Spanish and make their adaptation more agile.

The second of our projects focuses on science education, logic and mathematical reasoning. We focus on laboratory practices, especially with older classes. Robotics is taught from the age of two and a half to twelve. Chess practice is present throughout the primary school and is part of the curriculum.

In addition to academic and emotional values, the Maria Moliner school system develops, through its sports project, an interest in psychomotricity, neural development and sports and physical activity. Pupils have swimming lessons from the age of two and a half and ski classes from the age of five. The country's sports federations (such as Basketball, Volleyball ...) are also present in our schools.

The artistic project includes music and plastic arts. These are activities that will be present in all the educational stages in a transversal way from the nursery school to the Baccalaureate.

Our school system is recognised as a ``green school’’. We promote eco-responsible values.

The common denominator of our teachers, at the pedagogical level, is the use of an active methodology in the learning process of our students based on communication, languages, cooperative work, gamification coupled with the playful aspect, ABN in kindergarten and among other learning the use of ICT (interactive screens, digital boards, tablets and computers).

Pupils can receive individual support in language and mathematics for those who need it.

Our centres offer a school canteen service with an in-house kitchen that will prepare the menus with dieticians, adapting them to the food allergies or intolerances of certain students, and the option of making vegetarian menus. We offer the possibility to join the "Balanced Breakfast" plan.

Finally, in our kindergarten and primary school, we offer a childcare service in the mornings from 7.30 a.m. and in the evenings until 8.30 p.m., with the aim of reconciling family life and work.